1. Just a squirrel hanging out on a branch.

  2. Raking up the fallen male cones from the blue Atlas cedar in the Walled Garden.

  3. Fallen leaves in confetti colors! 

  4. A celebration of color in the beds above the reflecting pool in the Walled Garden.

  5. Help us plant tulips! Donate for a beautiful springtime! 
  6. When Heptacodium miconioides (Seven Sons Tree) blooms it has small white flowers but it is the reddish calyx that stand out in the fall.  This Heptacodium is in the southern half of the Hydrangea Bed in the lower terrace of the Walled Garden.

  7. The gradient of colors in a euphorbia planted in the hydrangea bed.

  8. Doorway to the Vista.

  9. Fallen leaves along the carriage trail.  They’re not perfect, but they have beauty in their speckles and holes.  Yellow, green, and darker brownish black.

  10. Fallen leaves on the steps of the Vista.